Sunday, 10 June 2012

Using Arduino, Android and NES Controllers for any Bluetooth game

Using original video game consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System can still be fun, however it is a lot easier and faster to use emulations on various forms of hardware. But the desire to use the original controllers with the emulation hardware introduces a problem - how to interface the controllers? And not damage them in the process? Worry no more- Dustin Evans has solved this problem using Arduino, Android, Bluetooth and some other circuitry. He explains and then demonstrates how this was accomplished in the following video:


The genius of his solution was using a dead console to act as an interface between the original controllers and the Bluetooth-enabled Arduino. When looking to build such a project, you could do well with one of our Arduino-compatible boards such as theFreetronics Eleven - which includes space for prototyping circuits right on the board:

Kudos to Dustin for his project. You can download the code and information here

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