Thursday, 1 November 2012

Web-based digital output control with Arduino

Instructables user Claudio Vella has demonstrated how to create a nice web-based control of digital outputs using an Arduino Mega board and an Ethernet shield. If you have a fixed IP address or service this could be controlled from almost any web-based device. The code to generate the webpage is in the Arduino sketch, so the entire project can be self-contained. Combined with a relay board such as our RELAY4: orRELAY8: you could control a huge variety of devices. The interface is neat, for example:

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The perfect board for this project is the Freetronics EtherMega:

Quite simple the EtherMega is the fully-loaded Arduino-compatible board on the market today. Apart from being completely Arduino Mega2560-compatible, it includes full Ethernet interface, a microSD card socket, full USB interface, optional Power-over-Ethernet support and still has a circuit prototyping area with extra I2C interface pins. So if your project is breaking the limits, upgrade to the EtherMega today. 

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